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def treetips::TreeTips::do_set_property (   self,

Set the property of writable properties.

Definition at line 124 of file treetips.py.

00124                                           :
        '''Set the property of writable properties.

        if prop.name == 'delay':
            self.delay = value
        elif prop.name == 'view':
                value.connect('leave-notify-event', self.__tree_leave_notify)
                value.connect('motion-notify-event', self.__tree_motion_notify)
            except (AttributeError, TypeError):
                raise TypeError, ('The value of view must be an object that'
                        'implements leave-notify-event and motion-notify-event '
            self.view = value
        elif prop.name == 'column':
            self.column = value
            raise AttributeError, 'unknown or read only property %s' % prop.name

    def __paint_window(self, window, event):

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