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def fedoraus::QAFunctions::get_ui (   self,

Returns a uimanager ui definition and actiongroup definition.

The functions interface needs to return a uimanaged set of menus and
toolbars so the app can merge and unmerge them when new checklists are

Reimplemented from functions::BaseQAFunctions.

Definition at line 118 of file fedoraus.py.

00118                          :
        uiDef = BaseQAFunctions.get_ui(self, app)
        uiElements = '''<ui>
            <menubar name="MainMenu">
              <menu action="QAActions">
                <menuitem action="FromSRPM" position="top"/>
        uiActions = (('FromSRPM', None, 'Start from _SRPM', None,
            'Load the properties for this review from an SRPM',
        actiongroup = gtk.ActionGroup('QA Menu')
        actiongroup.add_actions(uiActions, app)
        uiDef.append((actiongroup, uiElements))
        return uiDef

    def from_srpm_cb(self, action, app, *extras):

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