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def checkload::NewDruid::build_start_fresh (   self  ) 

Builds pages to decide how the user wants to create the review.

Definition at line 105 of file checkload.py.

00105                                :
        '''Builds pages to decide how the user wants to create the review.

        startPage = gnome.ui.DruidPageEdge(gnome.ui.EDGE_START)
        startPage.set_title('Start a new QA Review')
        startPage.set_text('Welcome to QA Assistant, a program for creating'
                ' Quality Assurance Reviews.  QA Assistant uses the concept'
                ' of filling out a checklist to generate a QA Report.  This'
                ' Druid will walk you through the process of starting a new'
                ' QA Review using QA Assistant checklists.')

        # Create first entry page with New review vs Open existing checkbox.
        choicePage = gnome.ui.DruidPageStandard()
        self.choicePage = choicePage
        choicePage.set_title('New Review or Continue an Old One')
        choiceGroup = gtk.VBox()

        choiceLabel = gtk.Label('You can choose either to create a new review'
                ' from one of the installed CheckList templates or continue'
                ' a saved review that you select from your files.')

        newSelector = gtk.RadioButton(None, 'Start a new review')
        loadSelector = gtk.RadioButton(newSelector, 'Load a saved review')

        choicePage.append_item('', choiceGroup, '')
        choicePage.connect('next', self.choice_next, newSelector)

    def build_selector(self, checklists):

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