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def checkload::NewDruid::build_loader (   self  ) 

Create pages to load a saved CheckList.

Definition at line 223 of file checkload.py.

00223                           :
        '''Create pages to load a saved CheckList.
        loaderPage = gnome.ui.DruidPageStandard()
        self.loaderPage = loaderPage
        loaderPage.set_title('Select the Review to load')
        loadGroup = gtk.VBox()
        loadLabel = gtk.Label('Please enter the file containing the review'
                ' you want to continue working on.')
        ### FIXME: pygtk-2.4 has an embeddable file chooser widget.
        # For now have a file entry box and a Browse... button.
        # When I have pygtk-2.4 installed, I'll use the FileChooserWidget
        # instead.
        browseBar = gtk.HBox()
        browseEntry = gtk.Entry()
        browseButton = gtk.Button('Browse...')
        loaderPage.append_item('', loadGroup, '')

        # Clicking the browse button pops up the FileSelect dialog.
        browseButton.connect('clicked', self.popup_file_selector)

        # Save the Entry so we can get information from it later.
        self.browseEntry = browseEntry

        loaderPage.connect('back', self.loader_back)
        loaderPage.connect('next', self.loader_next)
    def build_properties(self):

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