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properties::PropEntry Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Hold information on properties.

:propType: The type of property.  One of optional, onload, or automatic
:value: The value of the property.
:valueType: The type of the value.
:function: A function that may be used to set the property.
:args: List of other properties to use as arguments to the property
       setting function.

entry = PropEntry()
entry.value = 'http://localhost/fc3/repo/foo-1.0-1.src.rpm'
entry.valueType = 'url'
entry.propType = 'onload'
entry.function = 'srpm_from_ticket'
entry.args = ['ticketURL',]
props = Properties()
props['SRPMfile'] = entry

Definition at line 13 of file properties.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__

Public Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple __slots__ = ('value', 'valueType', 'propType', 'function', 'args')

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