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checklist::CheckList Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Holds the data associated with the checklist.

name -- Checklist's name
revision -- Revision of the checklist file
type -- Type of the checklist file
resolution -- Resolution of the CheckList.
publicID -- Public identifier for the checklist's XML DTD
canonicalURL -- Canonical URL for the checklist's XML DT
entries -- Mapping of names to iters of checklist entries
customItemsIter -- gtk.TreeIter pointing to the category we are adding
                   custom items to

Private Attributes:
__unspan -- Regex to remove <span> pango tags from a string.  Saved so the
            code doesn't have to recompile the regex every time.

Special Purpose Attributes (These should translate into a properties map
or similar in the future):
SRPM -- SRPM object having information about the SRPM we are reviewing
ticketURL -- URL to get to the ticket for this checklist

Obsolete Attributes (Certain functionality that is being phased out
depends on these.  As soon as the functionality goes, these can go.)
baseFilename -- File that the checklist was started from.  Goes away when
                we unify savefile and checklist if we don't find another
                use for it.  (Currently saved in the savefile.  Need to

* Note: Some attributes should be gproperties.  However, there is a problem
currently with gproperties and the initialization of gtk.TreeStore classes.
Have to make them simple python attibutes for now and create our own
signals instead of using gproperties with the notify signal.

The CheckList class is a subclass of gtk.TreeModel and has all the methods
that the gtk.TreeModel class has for manipulating the data it save.  It
overrides the constructor to make a much more directed model that
implements one data set.  Saving the state of the checklist's data
saves the modified data in the TreeModel along with a reference
to the checklist we're operating upon.

Definition at line 42 of file checklist.py.

Static Public Attributes

string canonicalURL = 'http://qa-assistant.sf.net/dtds/checklist/'
string formatVersion = '0.3'
string publicID = '-//BaderWare//DTD QA Assistant Checklist File '

Static Private Attributes

dictionary __gsignals__


class  __Entry
class  __Test

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